What are the ways to Join AOL Chat Rooms Online?

For all users, who are looking for the ways to join AOL chat rooms online, for them here in this section we’ve mentioned the easy and straightforward steps to join AOL chatrooms. So, all users should carefully read the details penned below.

There are different ways through which the users can quickly join AOL chat room, but here discussed steps are easy and less time-consuming. Therefore, go through the steps as enrolled below to Enter chat room.

The users of AOL desktop software can commune with other users in AOL chat rooms. But, before communicating with others, you need to create your own chat room. Thus, here below, we’ve enrolled the steps to join the AOL chat room.

AOL Chat Rooms Online

Create your own chat room

The users of AOL, first of all, have to create their own AOL chat room. Thus, for all users, we’ve penned the steps to create the AOL chat rooms. So, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, to open the chat listing window make use of the AOL chat listing, then click on start your own chat.
  • After this, click on the member chat link.
  • Then double-click on the name of the category under which the user wants to the chat room to appear and then in the text field enter chat room name.
  • Now, click on the Go chat button to save and join new AOL chat room.

How to search for a specific AOL chat rooms

The users can easily search for a particular AOL chat room online with the help of the steps provided below. So, check the steps as penned below and apply the same.

  • In the beginning, the users suggested clicking on the AOL chat icon.
  • After this, in the search box located at top type the name of the desired chat room to enter the chat room.
  • Then click on the search option.
  • Now, from the listed AOL chatrooms, users suggested clicking on the required one where they wish to enter.  

Steps to Join open chat rooms online

Many users are willing to join the open AOL chat room but are not able to join. So, for all of them, we’ve provided the steps through which they can quickly join AOL chat rooms.

  • By pressing the “ctrl+K” button together, open the keyword window.
  • After this in the text field, enter chat room listings and click on the “GO” option.
  • Then, double click on a category to select it.
  • Then, the users suggested choosing the chat room where they want to enter and then click on the “Go chart” button to open it.

Hope that by applying the steps provided it would have become easy for all users to Join AOL chat rooms. If you all pleased with the details provided above, then please do share this post with others. So that they can also get aware of the instructions to join open chat rooms online. But, if there is any user who wishes for expert assistance. Then all suggested taking help from the AOL customer service.

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