How To Manage The AOL App Setup On Your Emails And Contacts?

In the last article blog of our webpage, we provided you with the information on the AOL Mail setup. Thus, here, today, we will tell you how you can manage the AOL app setup on email and contacts of yours. Well, you can also download the AOL app and browse emails by accessing it through the play store of Google for Android devices or from the AOL website. The App allows easy access, especially when you are in the offline mode while changes you made are synced once you are connected to the internet. Now, let’s begin to know how you can manage your email and contacts on AOL app setup.


Managing Way Of Your Emails And Contacts In AOL App Setup 


So here, in this section of the blog, we will tell you the way for managing the AOL Mail setup via AOL app. Well, by reading our last posts now, you might now that our website is provided you with the easiest and simple way. So, kindly read the penned below points to know the managing way and importance of the AOL app.


  1. Just install the APP of the AOL Mail setup on your mobile device and enter your account details in the sign-in or login page. The App will direct you to your inbox where you can customize folders and exchange emails just like in the desktop version. You can access the main menu by swiping your finger to the right from the top left corner of your App’s inbox or phone screen.
  2. Just click or tap on any email to view it or perform additional tasks for it. The next section would also provide details on how to sync your contacts and calendar with Mobile Mail. With the App, they are automatically synced once you enter account details
  3. The Mobile APP would also provide email notifications and alerts on your mobile phone for you to keep track of important work.
  4. By using the App, you can also perform various tasks and select actions for your emails.
  5. Easily compose messages with the AOL app setup by clicking or tapping the Compose option.


These mention above points are the way of managing and using the AOL Mail setup of App. So, if you have any other questions on AOL setup then, do ask our technical expert team as they will be happy to help you. And lastly, do tell us regarding our this content.


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