How to fix AOL desktop gold error code 104?

Error Code 104

AOL desktop gold error message generally appears when the user tries to download the software. Due to the AOL Error Code 104, the user will not be able to download the software to the system because AOL desktop won’t open. In this article, we’ve mentioned the complete information regarding AOL desktop error 104. It is also stated as AOL desktop 9.8 problems.

For all users who are facing the AOL desktop gold error 104, we have discussed the symptoms along with the solution. Therefore, to resolve the AOL error 104, carefully go through the steps provided in this blog and follow the same to get rid of the error.

Symptoms of AOL desktop gold error 104

The AOL error code 104 can pop up at the time of downloading and installing AOL desktop gold then AOL desktop won’t open. So, to know why this issue arises, below we have penned some possible symptoms of AOL desktop 9.8 problems.

  • When AOL desktop gold error 104, then the active window will crash.
  • The window will start responding slowly to the mouse or any other kind of keyword inputs.
  • The system will periodically freeze for few seconds at the time when the AOL desktop error 104 arises.

What happens when the AOL desktop error code 104 occurs?

Following are the symptoms faced by the users of AOL.

  • In case, if the corrupted AOL Instant Messenger software is downloaded on the system.
  • If user Install the AOL Instant Messenger software improperly or incompletely.
  • In case, if the windows registry get corrupted from recent AOL Instant Messenger related tool.
  • If the windows system files get corrupted by the Malware infection.

How to resolve AOL Desktop Won’t Open Error?

The users who are looking for the steps to fix the AOL Error code 104, we’ve enlisted the easy and straightforward steps. So, scroll down and go through the steps penned below and follow the same to get rid of the Error code 104 AOL.

  1. In the beginning, the users are suggested to uninstall the AOL desktop and then install it again.
  2. After uninstalling the AOL setup, again download the AOL desktop on the system.
  3. Now again install the latest and updated version of AOL desktop.
  4. Ensure that no interruption should be there at the time of installation.
  5. After this, the users are recommended to restart the system.
  6. Now open the AOL setup and check whether the AOL Error 104 gets resolved or not.

So, these all were the steps to fix the AOL desktop gold error code 104, if in case there is any user who fails to resolve the problem then go through AOL Help page for an instant solution.

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