How To Block Emails On AOL?

For users who are in search of how to block emails on AOL. We have discussed the simple and straightforward method in this blog. It has been seen that majority of email traffic consists of unwanted and unsolicited emails commonly known as spam. If you are an AOL user, then you can limit the amount of unwanted emails that you receive by blocking the messages received from the specific addresses. Through the steps described below, the user can quickly get aware of how do you block someone on AOL or how to block an email address on AOL. After going through the information discussed below, the user will know the methods of blocking AOL email.

The unwanted emails not only clutter the inbox but on the other hand, it also increases the risk of hacking. So, we’ve here come up with the different ways through which the users can block and unblock emails on AOL.

how to block emails on AOL

Reasons to Block emails on AOL

  • It happens many a time to safeguard the system from virus.
  • There are some sorts of spam that may cause issues with the AOL mail.
  • Due to virus in AOL mail, it becomes irresponsive, so to protect the email, the user should block mail id for their account.
  • Along with this, there are many users who ask for the ways regarding how to block emails on AOL.

Steps for how do you block emails on AOL

Third-party mail blocker or extension is a way to AOL blocking emails. But here we have provided a smarter way for how do you block emails for your account without any use of a third-party app. Here are the steps for how to block emails on AOL.

Step 1

The users are recommended to log in to the AOL mail account to begin the process.

Step 2

At the top of the AOL home screen, in the search box located type “Mail control” and then hit enter.

Step 3

Now from the search result, select the option Block mail from addresses and then enter the desired addresses of an Individuals into the given text box.

Step 4

Once you’ve entered all emails that you want to block, then click on the Save button to apply the changes.

After clicking on the save settings option, you won’t receive any messages from the senders you’ve added to the list.

By doing this, the users can easily know how to block an email address on AOL.

Therefore, these all were the steps regarding how to block emails on AOL. Thus, if there is any user who is in search of expert assistance. Then they all are suggested to Contact AOL professionals for instant help.

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