Nowadays, threats are growing every day, and there are lots of hackers in the market. So, to protect the personal information stored on computers and other devices. Therefore, here, we have mentioned four top-tier products that work together to ensure the safety of the data stored on the computer.

  • Cross-device safety
  • Public Wi-Fi surety
  • Magnified Antivirus defense
  • Real-time data safe-guarding

How user’s data get protected?

The sensitive information of the clients is more unsafe than they think as the data violations are rising day by day. So, to keep the data more secure and safer, we offer the best suitable solution for that. Here we have discussed some ways through which our product works to protect the data of our valuable clients.

Viruses and Malware

Every single time when any user goes online, then the devices get exposed to viruses and harmful software that might access the personal information of the clients.


In today’s world, lot of cybercriminals are there who steal data send by the people through the public Wi-Fi network places such as coffee shops and hotels.

Zero Day Threat

The users get targeted by identity thieves through sharing the home address and other personal information using the web.

Key loggers

The cybercriminal could be tracking your keystrokes and screening your online activities.

So, there is one easy way to manage these services through one easy-to-utilize personalized membership dashboard saving time and that too, without any hassle.

The clients can quickly get access to the 30 days free trial. Then after that, to continue the services, the users have to pay XYZ/month. By canceling the service before the free trial ends, one can avoid getting charged the recurring subscription fee.